Wonderkid Persib Enthusiastic Duet Together Ezechiel

Wonderkid Persib Enthusiastic Duet Together Ezechiel

Febri Hariyadi issued an interesting statement after Persib won a landslide victory over Sriwijaya FC, Monday (4/9/2017). He claimed to be ready to be ‘waiter’ for the new striker, Ezechiel N’Douassel.

Surprisingly, Persib able to steal three figures despite playing in Palembang. Four goals Persib created by Ezechiel N’Dousel, Michael Essien, Febri Hariyadi, and Billy Keraf.

While a goal back Tijani Belaid created at the last minute. In the next game, Persib will host Semen Padang.

“I first played with Ezechiel but he is also very open so there is no awkwardness with me,” said Febri, Tuesday (05/09/2017).

“The timing of the team can also improve the rankings and hopefully get into the top five,” he said.

Persib had slumped and entered the rank in the first round in the first round of League 1. But thanks to positive achievement in the last five games, now Persib is in ninth position.

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