Marcos Alonso Not Want to Retire at Chelsea

Marcos Alonso Not Want to Retire at Chelsea

Chelsea players, Marcos Alonso, claimed to not want to end a career in the Premier League. The Spanish defender wants to compete again in La Liga before ending his career.

“I am happy at Chelsea, but I want to return to Spain sometime,” said Marcos Alonso.

“Before retiring, I wanted to play in La Liga because I did not have much experience in the competition. But that does not mean I do not feel at home in London. ”

“I really enjoy a career in the Premier League. I joined Chelsea and can win the title, “said the Spaniard.

Marcos Alonso is a Real Madrid graduate. However, Alonso did not get many opportunities to defend Los Blancos. In total, Alonso only recorded one appearance in La Liga Primera Division.

In 2010, Real Madrid took it off to Bolton Wanderers. Marcos Alonso’s career began. After Bolton, Marcos Alonso defended Fiorentina in the 2013-2016 period.

Chelsea redeem it from Fiorentina with the official 24 million pounds (Rp 431.05 billion) in 2016. In his first season with the Blues, Marcos Alonso also present Premier League titles.

Source: Express

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