Malaysian club has a heavy crush with Bali United bomber

Malaysian club has a heavy crush with Bali United bomber

Malaysia Super League 2017 left one more party left. The last match of the season will be played this weekend, Saturday (28/10/2017). Even so, a number of clubs are square off in preparation for next season. Felda United is one of them.

According to internal sources at Felda, the Pahang-based club paid special attention to the Bali United bomber Slyvano Comvalius.

Sylvano Comvalius into Felda’s shooting radar to be carried off to strengthen the team 2018 season. Felda reportedly interested after seeing the 30-year striker’s action with Bali United in League 1 2017.

Until the 31st week of League 1 2017, Comvalius has collected 32 goals, far exceeding his nearest rivals in the season’s top scorer title, Marclei Santos, who has just collected 21 goals.

Comvalius’s collection of goals can still increase as well as potentially broke the record of Fairy Sandria with 34 goals in a season carved in the Indonesian League 1995, because Tridatu Serdadu still leaves three more matches this season.

“He’s a complete attacker, his posture is high and very sharp when in the penalty box,” said the source who contacted Daily News, Tuesday (24/10/2017).

“Of course, with such qualification, he is indispensable to Felda for next season, but it is still in the early stages of discussion and there has been no official confirmation,” continued the source.

This season’s achievements Felda arguably less satisfactory. The club nicknamed The Fighters failed to enter the Malaysian Cup final 2017 after intercepted Kedah FA in the semifinals. While in Malaysia Super League 2017, they failed to win the title and only entered the top three.

While Bali United is currently in the hunt for the title of League 1 so focus Slyvano Comvalius certainly fixed on Seridian Tridatu.

On the other hand, the Dutch-born player was known to have only one season contract with Bali United. The club’s management has also not been confirmed to extend Sylvano Comvalius’s contract because it still has to see the budget for next season first. It could be a gap for Felda United tease the striker.

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