Barca Against Chelsea, A Meeting That Lionel Messi does not like

Barca Against Chelsea, A Meeting That Lionel Messi does not like

The draw for the last 16 of the Champions League is already underway. There are a lot of big games that will happen in February next year if referring to the draw, one of which is the match between Chelsea cons Barcelona.

The result of this draw was actually not liked by most Barcelona fans, and it is possible for Lionel Messi himself.

In total Chelsea and Barcelona have met 12 times in the Champions League event. Five of the 12 matches ended in a draw, four for Chelsea’s victory and three others ended for Barca’s victory.

Looking at the statistics that, practically Chelsea is a sharp pebble that often make Barcelona stumble.

Especially for Lionel Messi, he has faced Chelsea as much as eight times in the Champions League. Mirisnya, none of the eight matches that he managed to score goals.

Messi first face Chelsea in the first leg of the Champions League last 16 of 2005-06 season. At that Messi was only 18 years old. And he became one of the Barca trident at that time that filled Samuel Eto’o and Ronaldinho.

Messi himself could have scored in the game if it was not kick hit the goalpost Petr Cech. At the end of the game Barca won 2-1 and ease their step into the last eight.

Lionel Messi dueled with Arjen Robben in the last 16 of the 2005-06 Champions League
After the game at Samford Bridge, Messi repeatedly met the Blues. Messi’s latest encounter with the London club took place in the 2011-12 Champions League semi-final.

Barca who was still ditukangi Pep Guardiola appear confident when visited the Blues headquarters in the first leg. They were superior at the time compared to Chelsea. In fact, there is probably almost no betting house in the world that champion Chelsea.

However, unexpectedly Chelsea won a successful 1-0 victory. Messi himself successfully turned off by a super defense game that applied Roberto Di Matteo at Chelsea at that time.

Barca and Messi looked at the second leg with high confidence. Hope for Barca seemed to succeed after Sergio Busquets and Andres Iniesta bring El Barca two goals ahead in the game. Messi himself scored two assists for both Barca’s goals.

Messi failed to score against Chelsea in the 2011-12 Champions League semi-final
However, a surprise goal from Ramires made Barcelona panic, especially Messi. Even when getting a golden opportunity from the white point was Messi failed to score goals. Barcelona and Messi finally buried deeply after Fernando Torres scored easy at the end of the game and ensure Chelsea’s move to the Champions League final in 2012 which then managed meraka champions.

However, if you look back, several times Messi also managed to beat the bad record that had haunted him. Messi had once called difficult to score when playing in England.

Bad thing that he removed with a beautiful goal in the final of the 2010-11 muism Champions League final against Manchester United. In addition, the player who is now 31-year-old had also been called hard to score goals against Petr Cech (former Chelsea goalkeeper)

Cech which has been so scourge duah can be conquered
However, Messi managed to break the goalkeeper’s goalkeeper from the Czech Republic in the last 16 of the Champions League 2015-16 season. At that time Cech has strengthened Chelsea. It is worth waiting for how a Lionel Messi faces a bad record that still survive in the Champions League last 16 against Chelsea in February.

Compact with Pogba, Lingard: Training From the Academy

Compact with Pogba, Lingard: Training From the Academy

The slick cooperation of Jesse Lingard and Paul Pogba colored Manchester United’s victory over Arsenal Judi bola. Lingard revealed his secret.

The Red Devils reap a 3-1 victory when making a trip to the headquarters of Arsenal. In a match at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (3/12/2017), Antonio Valencia scored the opening goal for United, Lingard contributed the two remaining.

Arsenal failed to take advantage of the many opportunities gained, there is only one goal booked by Alexandre Lacazette in the early minutes of the second half.

The Red Devils responded to that goal with a quick counterattack of two players, Lingard and Pogba, in the 63rd minute. In the attack, Pogba and Lingard seemed to be very familiar with the movements of each other, to produce an easy goal to lock victory.

“It was an incredible move – obviously we ‘ve been working together from the academy, so we’ ve been playing together for a long time and we know different moves with each other, so it ‘s always nice to have him in the team and give me assists as he gave it, “Lingard said on MU’s official website.

Pogba got a red card in the 74th minute for breaking Hector Bellerin. Lingard also regretted that his colleague was to be absent when Manchester United face on 10 December.

“It’s a big loss, but the team has players who can adapt to that.All people have to work hard to get a place in the starting XI,” Lingard revealed on the BBC.