Bepe Expects Indonesian Attackers to Follow Comvalius Trail

Bepe Expects Indonesian Attackers to Follow Comvalius Trail

Persija senior attacker Jakarta, Bambang Pamungkas (37), also happy with the achievement of Sylvano Comvalius Bomber Bali United from Holland has just incised history as the top scorer of all time in Liga Indonesia.

Comvalius broke the record of Indonesia League’s top scorer previously held by the Sandria Fairy with a score of 34 goals. With a record of 35 goals that he torehkan, Comvalius managed to express himself in the history of Indonesian football.

Bambang Pamungkas congratulated the former German club player, Dynamo Dresden.

“Everyone wants to set a record, so for now I congratulate Sylvano,” Bambang said at the launch of BeIN Sports Connect in Jakarta on Tuesday (31/10/2017).

Achievement of 30 year old sriker was arguably special. Therefore, the previous record held by Peri Sandria survive for more than two decades, aka the season 1994-1995.

Raihan this goal is still likely to increase again, because Bali United still leaves two more matches in League 1 season 2017.

Bepe, greeting Bambang, was hoping in the near future there is an Indonesian attacker who can surpass the record of Sylvano.

“Hopefully after this, there are Indonesian attackers who also have similar records,” said the former Indonesian national team striker.

Malaysian club has a heavy crush with Bali United bomber

Malaysian club has a heavy crush with Bali United bomber

Malaysia Super League 2017 left one more party left. The last match of the season will be played this weekend, Saturday (28/10/2017). Even so, a number of clubs are square off in preparation for next season. Felda United is one of them.

According to internal sources at Felda, the Pahang-based club paid special attention to the Bali United bomber Slyvano Comvalius.

Sylvano Comvalius into Felda’s shooting radar to be carried off to strengthen the team 2018 season. Felda reportedly interested after seeing the 30-year striker’s action with Bali United in League 1 2017.

Until the 31st week of League 1 2017, Comvalius has collected 32 goals, far exceeding his nearest rivals in the season’s top scorer title, Marclei Santos, who has just collected 21 goals.

Comvalius’s collection of goals can still increase as well as potentially broke the record of Fairy Sandria with 34 goals in a season carved in the Indonesian League 1995, because Tridatu Serdadu still leaves three more matches this season.

“He’s a complete attacker, his posture is high and very sharp when in the penalty box,” said the source who contacted Daily News, Tuesday (24/10/2017).

“Of course, with such qualification, he is indispensable to Felda for next season, but it is still in the early stages of discussion and there has been no official confirmation,” continued the source.

This season’s achievements Felda arguably less satisfactory. The club nicknamed The Fighters failed to enter the Malaysian Cup final 2017 after intercepted Kedah FA in the semifinals. While in Malaysia Super League 2017, they failed to win the title and only entered the top three.

While Bali United is currently in the hunt for the title of League 1 so focus Slyvano Comvalius certainly fixed on Seridian Tridatu.

On the other hand, the Dutch-born player was known to have only one season contract with Bali United. The club’s management has also not been confirmed to extend Sylvano Comvalius’s contract because it still has to see the budget for next season first. It could be a gap for Felda United tease the striker.

Persib Management Start Designing Team Framework for Next Season

Persib Management Start Designing Team Framework for Next Season

Persib management move quickly to design the squad next season. The move was done as a form of management evaluation related to the maximum results during the rolling of League 1 Indonesia.

Commissioner of PT Persib Bandung Dignity (PBB), Kuswara S Taryono, said the ranks of club officials are preparing for the new season.

However, he was reluctant to explain related to what improvements made in the team body.

“We are preparing for next season, but it can not be delivered now, so at least (already discussed) so that the time is not short,” said Kuswara in Graha Persib, Sulanjana Street, Tuesday (17/10/2017).

Management Persib also hinted would bring a new coach. However, he can not mention a number of candidates who will occupy the head coach Persib chair.

“Coach has not, but at least we will prepare everything,” he said.

Kuswara statement at once responded to the unrest of supporters Persib (bobotoh) who asked the management immediately make improvements.

Earlier, on Tuesday afternoon, bobotoh menggeruduk Persib office. The action was done as a form of bobotoh pique against the drop in achievements Maung Bandung.

“I think this might be an input for us, but it is not only the senior, but the broader and the junior soccer industry as well, we focus on completing the rest of the fight,” he said.

Wonderkid Persib Enthusiastic Duet Together Ezechiel

Wonderkid Persib Enthusiastic Duet Together Ezechiel

Febri Hariyadi issued an interesting statement after Persib won a landslide victory over Sriwijaya FC, Monday (4/9/2017). He claimed to be ready to be ‘waiter’ for the new striker, Ezechiel N’Douassel.

Surprisingly, Persib able to steal three figures despite playing in Palembang. Four goals Persib created by Ezechiel N’Dousel, Michael Essien, Febri Hariyadi, and Billy Keraf.

While a goal back Tijani Belaid created at the last minute. In the next game, Persib will host Semen Padang.

“I first played with Ezechiel but he is also very open so there is no awkwardness with me,” said Febri, Tuesday (05/09/2017).

“The timing of the team can also improve the rankings and hopefully get into the top five,” he said.

Persib had slumped and entered the rank in the first round in the first round of League 1. But thanks to positive achievement in the last five games, now Persib is in ninth position.

Utak-esik Indonesia U-19 National Team Formation Ahead of AFF Cup

Utak-esik Indonesia U-19 National Team Formation Ahead of AFF Cup

Indonesia U-19 national team will take part in AFF Cup 2017 which took place in Myanmar Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. Indonesia U-19 national team coach, Indra Sjafri, has prepared his team before the tournament was held.

Style of play, formation, until the stamina will be maximized Indra Sjafri for children care. If previously Indra Sjafri closely with the 4-3-3 formation, this time coach from West Sumatra has other variations.

This 54-year-old coach has three alternative formations for his team when appearing in the AFF Cup 2017. The first formation of the Indonesian national team U-19 ie 4-3-3, then there 4-1-3-1-1, then the last pattern 4-4-2.

The team nicknamed Garuda Nusantara is also familiar with Indra Sjafri typical game in teams he has ever handled. The term pe-pa or short-short-long is still applied by the former architect of this Bali United.

The peer style means playing with short passes then ending with a long ball to the other side of the field. 4-1-3-1-1 own formation according to Indra Sjafri, how it works similar to 4-3-3.


Indonesian national team U-19

Indra Sjafri mentioned 4-1-3-1-1 as the formation of Sang Garuda, because the shape of the skeleton that resembles. In fact, the coach who had been an employee of PT Pos Indonesia is boasted squad Indonesia U-19 national team is currently more powerful than the era of Evan Dimas and friends.

Indonesia U-19 national team joined in Group B AFF 2017 Cup with host Myanmar. In addition, Garuda Nusantara also competes with Vietnam, Philippines, and Brunei Darussalam in Group B. The first match of Indonesia takes place tomorrow (5/9/2017) against host Myanmar.

Estimate of the arrangement of Indonesian national team players U-19

Indonesian national team U-19 (4-1-3-1-1): M. Riyandi (gk) Nurhidayat Haris, Rifad Marasambessy, Syahrian Abimanyu, and Firza Andika; M. Luthfi Kamal; M. Iqbal, Witan Sulaeman, Feby Eka Putra; Egy Maulana Vikri; Hanis Sagara.