Sampaoli Hope Messi Can Make a Miracle

Sampaoli Hope Messi Can Make a Miracle

Lionel Messi cs is now at the end of the horn and is threatened can not participate in the 2018 World Cup if Jorge Sampaoli’s troops failed to win from Ecuador

The reason, Argentina will play cons of Ecuador for his last game qualified World Cup CONMEBOL zone, early hrai later.

And Sampaoli hopes if the star can give his best game and the magic to win. Messi, who has reached the age of 30 years, can score four goals in nine games this 2018 World Cup qualifying.

“In three games, I note if Messi’s performance is fantastic, with a pressing game style,” he told local media.

“If only we performed with him, then the game will run very exciting. In this pace, I will always be happy, of course if the team I lead is not defeat, “he said.

Ventura Can not wait to face Spain soon

Ventura Can not wait to face Spain soon

Giampiero Ventura says he can not wait to face Italy’s game against Spain.

Italy will restart their struggles in the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers this weekend, as they travel to Spain to play the tackle game, and Ventura acknowledges the Azzurri with great readiness.

“The transfer market is still open? This is a subject of controversy, the transfer window should be closed at least 24 hours before the start of the season, “the coach told the media.

“The national team is affected. Insigne? He is fine, now he is an important player for Napoli and the national team.

“I hope there are players who can be as influential as he is. Spanish? we will fight them openly and try to win. If the last time Italy won in Spain 70 years ago, it is clear that there is a problem, but this match has the same value when against Israel.

“I will not stay up just thinking about Spain, but I am very excited. I love to be a coach in a match like this, this meeting is for me passionate and full of motivation.

“Spinazzola? Many are asking why he’s bumped if he’s just practicing in little portions, but if we talk about him during the season, he’s an asset.

“Here we are, at the beginning of the season, and we have to start again with the players who appeared in our last game in Udine.

“In October or November, it should be different because I’ve checked every element. Now that’s not possible. He is important for the sustainability of this team.

“Formation? There is confidence from the team about this. We fix many issues by moving from situation to situation during the game, three or four defenders.

“It requires the participation and involvement of everyone. We will start by building a club team within the national team.

“Belotti and Immobile? They fought together in the formation of three attackers because they were both middle aggressors. “